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Putting Drill Level 1

"My mission with Project One Putt is simple - I want you to develop a passion and love for putting.

Firstly, you need to understand how crucial putting is to your golfing success at any level, from where you currently are to where you want to be. Putting is an art – it is part of the game that deserves respect and attention on its own.

Imagine what it would feel like being a great putter. Using the Project One Putt inserts and drills there will be no limit to your potential and what you can achieve. Learn. Challenge. Perform.

Playing golf tournaments professionally for over 20 years I have been fortunate enough to have played over 400 events on several main tours around the world such as the European, Japanese, Asian and Australasian PGA Tours. Within that time, I have had 9 international wins.

I have gained great knowledge and experience which I want to share with you. Project One Putt is an accumulation of my own beliefs regarding what is important in a great putter and a hybrid of basic drills I have learnt over the years. Technique takes a backseat when it comes to putting because if you can’t read a green then your chances of making the putt immediately decreases. Developing the knowledge to be able to read greens and then being able to visualise the line of the putt, through using Project One Putt drills are key areas for both learning and performance. Drills improve mental strength and test resilience.

Project One Putt will give you the necessary tools to become the best putter you can be."


Brad Kennedy

Professional Golfer and Tour Player

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