Project One Putt Tour Edition

By Project 1 Putt


Learn.  Challenge.  Perform.


Grey case with red zipper and 5 anodised aluminium hole inserts.

Look the part with the Project One Putt Tour Edition.  Sturdy anodised aluminium construction yet still weighing under 600g, it can be easily stored in your golf bag and ready to be used as part of your practice regime.

5-hole inserts, representing Levels 1-4 with the 5th insert designed to improve speed control.

Level 1 Orange and Level 2 Purple are used to gain the knowledge of how to read a green correctly by introducing the 3 elements of start line, apex point and entry point. These inserts create an instant visual key which is essential to becoming a great putter.

Level 3 Blue and Level 4 Red introduces you to performance-based practice, focusing further on entry point and speed control. Additionally, working with these inserts to build your confidence and resilience and allow you to perform on the golf course under pressure.

Speed control is a critical element to great putting.  Using the fifth green insert on straight line putts will help with achieving your ideal holing speed with every putt regardless of length.

Project One Putt Tour Edition is precision machined from a single billet of 6061 grade aluminium and hand finished in preparation for the anodizing process. 

The machining process uses computer numerically controlled milling machines to remove exact amounts of metal from the billet with each pass. With the use of 8 separate cutting tools the Tour Edition is actuate to 0.05mm.  Once each part is hand finished after the machining process it is cleaned and placed in an anodising bath for precisely the right amount of time to ensure both the exact colour and surface hardening treatment are achieved, resulting in a premium anodised finish. 

The care and attention to detail in each set of precision manufactured Project One putt Tour Edition enables every golfer their best opportunity to achieve one putt.

Case dimensions 220mm x 165mm x 35mm. 

Weight 580g.

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